Holland Sports & Industry yearbook 2020-2021

19 January 2021


The Orange Sports Forum has recently published its Holland Sports & Industry yearbook. The yearbook serves as an important reference work for the Dutch sports industry.

Orange Sports Forum is a platform for promoting companies, organizations and institutions that have a connection with Dutch sport. Its Holland Sports & Industry yearbook has served as an important reference book for the Dutch sports industry for many years, and it provides an overview of the enormous diversity of Dutch companies, organisations and institutions associated with sport. The yearbook is therefore widely used by embassies, consulates, companies, sports associations and other relevant sports organisations and institutions.


The year 2020 has been a time of many challenges for the international sports world. COVID-19 has had a great impact and will possibly change the way international business is done. Nevertheless, it is great to see that so many companies have been able to adapt immediately and deliver fantastic projects and achievements in times like these! Moreover, sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are increasingly seen as essential if you want to avoid injuries, illnesses and healthcare costs.

Read the full version of the Holland Sports & Industry yearbook.


If you have any questions, please contact cluster coordinator Rick Sleegers.